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At Boltwork Safe and Vault, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our comprehensive range of services ensures that your security infrastructure is both robust and state-of-the-art.

New and Retrofit Installation Services:

Commercial ANSI Grade 1 & 2 Door Locks: Ideal for schools, military installations, commercial and government buildings, our locks guarantee maximum security.

RFID/Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Grade 1 Locks: Perfect for hospitality sectors, limited-service properties, and resort destinations, ensuring seamless access control.

Panic Bar Exit Devices: Essential for schools, military installations, commercial, and government buildings, ensuring safe and quick exits during emergencies.

Digital Access Solutions: From digital keypad locks, electric strikes, electromagnetic locks to stand-alone electronic access devices, we’ve got you covered.

Key Core Changes & Upgrades: Whether it’s standard, small format, or large format interchangeable cores (SFIC, LFIC), we provide changes, upgrades, and replacements.

GSA-certified Safe and Vault Technician & Inspector Services:

Lock Installation & Maintenance: We specialize in the installation, servicing, and repair of all GSA-certified mechanical and electromechanical locks (FF-L-2740B, FF-L-2937).

Security Container & Vault Door Services: Comprehensive service, maintenance, and repair for all GSA-certified security containers and vault doors (AA-F-363D, AA-D-600D).

Troubleshooting: Expertise in troubleshooting and defeating malfunctioning or failed GSA locks and containers.

Pedestrian Access Systems: Installation of all GSA-certified FF-L-2890C Pedestrian Access Systems (LKM10K, S&G 2890).

Certified Inspections: Certified by GSA, IACSE, and SEALS subcommittee to inspect all GSA-approved security equipment.

Our Expertise:

As a Prime Contractor, we bring to the table unparalleled project management, acquisition, and installation expertise. Our experience as a Sub-contractor further enhances our portfolio, showcasing our dedication to installation and exceptional customer service.

Noteworthy Clients:

Fairfax County, VA Public Schools
Bulloch County, GA Public Schools
Dept. of the Air Force
Dept. of the Navy
Dept. of the Army
US Army National Guard
Army Reserves
Air Force Reserves
Numerous Government and Commercial contracting organizations.

For any specific queries or to request a customized quote, please reach out to us. We’re here to assist you in fortifying your security infrastructure.

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